Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ingrid marie at 22: a brief history

22nd birthday twirl.
twenty-two years ago, i gave birth to a unicorn named ingrid.

ingrid, day 2.

this child has known her own heart & mind from her first day on earth, when she wanted to sleep in her own bassinet, and let me know with great certainty that she did not want me to sing twinkle, twinkle little star to her when she was sleepy.

ingrid's first of many international trips, funded via the limerick.

she knew she wanted to travel with her school on international trips, and that she would have to earn her own funds in order to go;  that's what she did, selling limericks, chocolate and greeting cards door to door, spotted from time to time in a vintage '70's prom dress by various friends and neighbors who would start out, "i think i saw your daughter. . . . "  i could always just interrupt at that point and say, "yes--that was ingrid."

ingrid, 2014 bryn mawr college graduate.

she knew she wanted to attend bryn mawr college when she saw some like it hot at the age of thirteen, and that's what she did.

ingrid receiving aclu scholarship.

she knew her high school peers deserved better sex education when she was a lowly tenth grader, and she worked towards that.

she knew that everyone should be treated equally, and she has fought for lgbtq rights from the time she was in middle school.

ingrid with bff gloria steinhem.

she knows that women need stronger rights and protections, and she works hard every day to make that happen.

president of the beekeeping club/bee activist.

philly keystone pipeline action.

she knew that bees and mountains needed protection, and she has worked to protect them.

the wings.

she watched simon schama's the history of art in high school and decided to study art history.  this was solidified during her exchange year in high school when she got to visit florence with our dear family friends and see the bernini marbles for the first time.  our friends reported the unforgettable sight of ingrid, wearing angel wings, surrounded by tourists in the streets of florence.  if you know ingrid, this won't surprise you.

missionary girl. 

ingrid has always wanted to serve a mission for the mormon church, and tomorrow, on the day after her 22nd birthday, she'll report for duty.  i know, as is her wont, she'll trail cupcake sprinkles & lipstick kiss marks in her wake as she accompanies seekers on difficult and joyous spiritual and physical journeys.

my girl is a rare creature, and as i send her off into the arms of the great world, i ask the world now to embrace her & keep her safe, as she has always tried to watch over the unprotected in her midst.