Lara and Julie, West and East, devised this blog as an exercise of sorts, a support group for tights-wearers and their friends and admirers.  They are Girls in a Tight Place, though they might be prone to make you talk about what a "girl" is, what a "tight place" is, and what art, film, poetry, fiction, church, lipstick, hip-hop, cooking, mothering, rock n' roll, provo, cake shop, the east village, the locust salon, debbie harry, nicki minaj, the party bun, feminism, and dolly parton all have to do with our beloved legwear, the tight.

For one thing, we love the tight because it's so supportive.  It holds you in and gives you a structure.  It's cheap, hot, edgy, ladylike, foxy, old-fashioned, cutting edge, lacy, sexy, be-seamed, witchy, glam, retro, foolish and the tight really gives us a cheap thrill.

And they're tight as well.  As in tight, sick, rad, fly, hep, awesome, cool, tubular, mad.  You know.

This is why we love them.

This is our manifesto.

To be continued.

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  1. Hi Lara Candland,

    I am trying to contact you, my former teacher at Seattle Central. Are you still on the internet? Are you out there. Please contact me at: deb98126@yahoo.com