Saturday, January 5, 2013

questions of a saturday morn

wool tights:  20 bucks or 60 bucks?
1)  it's 6 degrees outside.  i need to either buy wool tights or wear jeans (!!horrors!!)  will i regret buying the twenty dollar pair, or do i need to go upscale and get the sixty dollar tights?  also, can i buy the purple or red, or do i need to go neutral?

2) if i freeze the worry line between my brows with a little botox, will it also freeze my worries?  you know that "scientific study" showing that smiling makes you happier?  i'm wondering: if you are rendered physically incapable of frowning if it will have a similar effect on mood?

3) what should i do today:  fold laundry and pack up christmas decorations or read the trashy novel i picked up at d.i. yesterday for .75 cents?

4) what do you do when you feel totally overwhelmed? and how often do you feel totally overwhelmed?  and, if you're not totally overwhelmed, how do you keep from getting totally bored?

5)  what was your favorite movie in 2012?

6)  what is your favorite resolution for 2013?

7)  what difference do you think it will make having 98 women in the house and the senate for the first time ever?


  1. My Saturday morn thinking:

    1. I would get the twenty dollar pair. I've been burned too many times by expensive hose that get snagged or destroyed sometimes more quickly than the cheaper ones. But that's just me.

    2. This is deep.

    3. TRASHY NOVEL. No contest.

    4. I cannot provide a measured answer to this one as avoiding boredom is one of my primary drivers in life and I am addicted to the adrenalin of the overwhelm. As Owen Clark once told me, some day I'm going to have to face and conquer this. But not today.

    5. Lincoln. And Lawless. Not many people have seen Lawless but I loved it.

    6. I will only take things into my life that I absolutely love.

    7. I try to be optimistic about women in the house and senate, but I am feeling very cynical about the patriarchy right now. However, my hope is in our daughters and their daughters. My girls are far more free from fear than I could ever be. That's a gift.

    Thanks for posting--xoxoxo

    1. i need to see lawless! and, re: #7--i think about this constantly. so happy and proud that my daughters are so empowered. and excited to see what they do with it all.

  2. My guess for #2- Yes, in the freakonomics way, i.e. if you are looking in a mirror. A physiological response to seeing yourself with a smile and no worry lines will have a positive effect on your mood. :)

    1. bless you, margot, for blessing my potential botox treatment. . . .

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  4. 1) $20, and yes go for color, because I am afraid of it and will then be able to live vicariously through you.

    2) please let me know ASAP if this does work, and I will promptly visit my dermatologist. that might change my life.

    3) novel, no question

    4) act mean and irritable to all those around me; it is possible to not feel overwhelmed? and, does anyone really have this problem of being bored? I wish.

    5) Moonrise Kingdom and Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel; and, most recently This is 40, which made me weep with laughter and also resignation that this is my life.

    6) KMST - keep my shit together

    7) hopeful, but already disillusioned that they had to photoshop some of the ladies in, as they bailed early due to inclement weather and other pressing concerns.

    Love your posts, Laura & Julie. I wish we had been able to make it to Laura's salon in December.

    1. robin, i didn't know that about the photoshop situation. i've been dying to see this is 40,and didn't know about the vreeland film, which i def want to see. we'll hope to see you at a spring salon!

  5. 1. Cheap and loud. This combo will warm your mood and leave you $40 for hot chocolate to warm the rest of you.

    2. I don't believe it. I think your muscles must submit to your actual will in order for the mood change to happen. You could experiment at night while everyone's asleep; try taping up your smilers with medical tape and see if you notice an increase of happiness, then you can make your decision about the brow-plumping. There's a short story in here someplace.

    3. Too late to weigh in. Which option did you choose?

    4. I am almost never bored, but I am totally overwhelmed to the point of crazy thinking far too often. That's what I do—I crazy think. Working on alternative.

    5. Um, possibly Bernie. Castaway on the Moon. I finally saw What's Eating Gilbert Grape and loved it. I didn't catch many first-runs. When did Tin-Tin come ou t? Saw that with our whole extended family and that was fun. I did watch some good foreign stuff on Netflix. I saw better plays that movies this year.

    6. My favorite resolution is not for public consumption, but trust me, it's a good one.

    7. I feel much the same as Marni, and am far more concerned with the difference that will be made by the women in my own house.

  6. Replies
    1. georgia unedited! i'm sure you're write about cheap and loud, and i snagged my fave pair of tights yesterday, reminding me of the uber-short life span of the tights. also, i love your term "crazythink"--i know exactly, but exactly, how that feels. would love to know more about #6.