Monday, January 21, 2013

Showing Up

1.  Turned on our recently acquired TV (purchased for special occasions and disassembled and put away after the conclusion of each one) and watched the inauguration.  I've pointed this out before and I'll point it out again:  Michelle O. and I were born in the same year and our respective female offspring were born in the same years--thus, it follows, Michelle O. and I have a deep connection.  Plus, I want to switch closets with her--but she'd have to be down with my tight-place wardrobe of pleather and tights.

I made this freakishly large so you can see how beautiful it is.
2.  Traveled to the Museum of Modern Art and saw several exhibits, including the performance art of Eiko & Koma, two Japanese artists who have been making art for over 40 years, and in this piece The Caravan Project, they entwine themselves in nest of twigs and grass in a box car, move around slowly within it, move over each other's bodies, and at times, slowly, slowly leave the container, climb on top and around, get close to the viewers, while never breaking the 4th wall.  Photographs were forbidden, unforch.  Eiko and Koma did this all day, and it was stunningly, stunningly beautiful.

3.  Decided to see the final "performance" of The Clock.  Stood in line for 45 minutes to watch for about 35 minutes.  Time flies in The Clock.
4. I've been trying to show up at my novel every single day. It seems to be helping. I now think about it all the time, when I can't write it.
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