Sunday, November 11, 2012

stripping away

i was feeling so overwhelmed on wednesday that i made a (nother) resolution: to strip something off of my life every day for a week.  i felt so trapped, and it seemed like the only way to free up some mental, emotional, physical, and financial space.  here are the things i let go of, and the things i plan to let go of:

wednesday:  i asked to be relieved of a regular commitment that took about six hours a month.  i didn't want to do it, and it was a worthy commitment, but i had to.  i'd been fretting over whether or not i should do this for months, and i finally did it.  it was the right decision.

thursday:  cancelled my subscription to the sunday new york times.  less paper to recycle, less monthly expense, less guilt if i don't read the whole thing.

friday: asked c. to do two things i normally do so i could have more time on friday and saturday.

saturday: got a manicure from lula rather than the salon.  gonna forsake the salon for a while so as to save money and time.

sunday: i plan to ask god to take some of my burdens.

monday: work on poetry instead of grading.

tuesday: kick my afternoon diet coke habit (again) and replace with herbal tea. cheaper and healthier.

wednesday: ?????? i don't know yet.  what should i do?


legwear: black pleather.

inspiration: betty davis in dark victory--i forgot how much i adore her.

looking forward: to sunday dinner at bam's and letting go of more stuff next week.


  1. Lay it all down by the riverside! I'll be praying with you tomorrow sister. XO

  2. I too had to give up the Sunday Times. Felt guilty every week when I didn't have four hours to read it all. But diet coke? Never.

    1. i certainly will not be giving up EVERYTHING. just the things that have a proven detrimental effect on me.

  3. I need to do this--especially since I still feel muddled post-storm and post-election. Both of those events really through me off track.