Saturday, November 24, 2012

what i did wrong

i'll never tell who the ungrateful child is.  but she's in this picture.

the glow of the holiday has officially faded, and we're all a bit crabby.

in fact, one child cried for a good two-thirds of the day, and presented me with a laundry list of grievances that, after i got over my bout of guilt, i realized could only have been constructed by a well-fed, safe, and privileged child.

it might be time to get out of our ultra-secure little homogenous haven for a while.

the grievances:

1.  i didn't make buttermilk mashed potatoes for thanksgiving (i wasn't in charge of mashed potatoes this year.)

2. we didn't have mini-martinellis for the kids this year.  (couldn't find them at the grocery store, didn't have time to go to costco, and plus those things are jacked up.)

3. i forgot to bring the oreo turkey placecards to bam's house.

4.  i'm letting school start again on monday.  and i'm making her attend.  even though her eye itches.

5.  i arranged a play date for her with one of her favorite friends and then went shopping without her (so mean!)

6.  i ran out of band-aids for the scratch she got on her pinky today.


the fun's over.

i can't wait for school to start on monday.

really, the thing i'm more grateful for than almost anything else in the entire world, and i'm not being hyperbolic, is free public education.  i'm sorry it rests on the backs of underpaid teachers and educators.

so let me say a quick thank you to those amazing people!

see you monday, teachers!

legwear:  orange skinnies

inspiration:  teachers

looking forward: to the resumption of routine on monday, and to wednesday, when i will be done with my two presentations of the semester.


  1. To Wednesday! I'm looking forward to Wednesday, too. The list should have been nailed to the door, Martin Luther, style.

  2. what a perfectly tight place! and you wrote about it like this, even better. wow. Love you!