Thursday, November 1, 2012

rahsaan roland kirk

c. showed me this video last night, and now i have a new obsession.

it's not that often you see something so--



i love it when impossible things reside together, and work despite their impossibility.

things like playing three flutes with your mouth at once & then adding a nose flute all while circular breathing


playing amazingly layered music--

both hip & moving

& so very present--

so virtuosic yet somehow void of narcissism and ego.

maybe this is just my interpretation (the part about an absence of narcissism & ego, which seem to be burned away by the music itself), but i'm really glad c. made me watch this at the close of halloween night 2012.

legwear: charcoal tights

inspiration:  simultaneity

looking forward: to an update from julie.  so worried about her and others.  please keep her and her family in your thoughts.

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