Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hurricanes & lady pioneer times

people, i haven't heard from julie turley today, but i know she's in lower manhattan, for sure without power, and maybe flooded.  i certainly hope not.  let's muster together and send her our vibes, prayers, and energy.

she might need us to send her a few pairs of new tights next week, too, to soothe the pain and trauma she's experienced from the flood.

i'm wondering what she's doing, eating, drinking, etc.  and wondering if she's having any interesting insights born from the pressure of the tight place only a super storm can bring.

she's already been through 9/11, and has weathered the hardcore New York life for something like twenty years, so you know she's a tough gal.

i wonder if she's thought of her pioneer ancestors at all, as she does without electricity.

one of our fabulous guest bloggers, anna gedal, a docent at the daughters of utah pioneer museum, is running their blog and wrote a post today about hannah andersson erikson, midwife, amateur dentist, centenarian.  i only learned about erikson recently, and found out more about her today in anna's post.

the lady's super, duper rad.  like our own julie turley.

so here's a shout-out to ladies who pull infected teeth by the side of the road, deliver babies in every kind of condition, overcome their fears and obstacles in all kinds of ways.

here's to ladies who weather the storm

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  1. Yes! Here's to them all. I'm reading this in bed in my little tent in the pouring rain and thinking about JT hanging in there through a Real storm - hoping she is also safe, warm and dry and maybe even finding some joy in the intensity. Love & blessings to you from the Left coast, Julie!