Wednesday, October 10, 2012

off/on switch

a few days to hang with the kids, starting tomorrow.  

julie, i seem to have two modes only:  on and off.  yesterday was off, and i just couldn't get stuff done.  today was on and i did more than seems humanly possible, looking back on it.  i've tried to become a more balanced "normal" human being, but i guess, at this point, it's just not gonna happen.  so i'm trying to not sweat it when i'm "off", and to work it when i'm "on".

here was today:

1) graded my online class.

2) cleaned my entire kitchen 2 X.

3) finished, revised, and edited two long poems.

4) organized, researched, and began working on my seminar paper on l.e.l., aka letitia landon.

5) washed, folded, and put away, six loads of laundry.

6) went to the grocery store 2 X.

7) helped lula with her homework, learning about borderline personality disorder.  realized that i might have b.p.d.

8) watched the mindy project for the first time.

9) got 13 quarts of grape juice from my garden. okay, okay, a darling angel bottled them for me while i worked at home.

10) packed the kids for fall break.

11) cooked dinner.

12) did homework with kids.

13) tucked kids into bed.

okay, after all that bragging, my list doesn't seem that impressive.

trust me, it felt impressive at the time.

& i'll get you pictures of the bottles of homemade grape juice--they're so freaking beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. your list doesn't seem that impressive?? Wha???

    you had that many grapes?

    you cleaned your kitchen twice? was this because of the grape juice making?

    believe me--you do NOT have bpd.

    what are you WEARING??