Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kind Words/Good Soup

I started the day with some good meetings and kind words.  Our family afterward convened along the counter at B&H.  Four adjacent counter seats?  A miracle.  This was the first hot borscht of the season.  Look--cabbage!

This week, I teach two one-shot classes.  Why am I so anxious?

Legwear:  New grey tights

Looking forward to:  Writing in Croissanteria for the very first time.
Looking forward to:  Wearing my new silver tights (if it's cool enough--if I'M cool enough)

Inspiration:  Family members getting work done.
Inspiration:  The music of Bonnie Prince Billy

Still basking in the Tea Party afterglow

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  1. will i ever make it to b&h? i love the image of your fam at the counter together for sunday dinner, and so glad you got supportive words today.