Wednesday, October 24, 2012

disorder & sublime

michael lee, "the traveller"
last night we performed c.'s extracts from the fall of the house of usher at byu's madsen recital hall.  it was a great crowd, and the piece received enthusiastic response.

max steiner's baton

c. conducted the piece with max steiner's baton.

everyone painted their nails black backstage.  this is the clarinetist.

the musicians painted their fingernails black, donned eyeliner & black lipstick, getting into the gothic vibe.


today we say good-bye to our good friend michael lee, here from the university of oklahoma to perform as the narrator in the piece, and also to do research in byu's special collections in the max steiner papers (he scored the films king kong, casablanca, and gone with the wind, to name a few).

flute player

mike is a musicologist who specializes in film scoring.  he's also a horror buff, and edits the international journal horror studies.  i'm trying to get him to put together some sort of horror post for halloween, but i'm not sure i can persuade him.


yesterday michael gave a lecture on the merits of disorder and disorganization.  on the importance of losing and failing.

the traveller makes his entrance

i love a person who comes along and makes you examine and shift your paradigm.  it's been a good few days with a great friend, great ideas, great music, great artists, and people of intensely focused enthusiasms gathered together for a short & fruitful time, making their contributions to the world.

i improvised some black lipstick with an eyeliner

what more could a girl, pulling out her fall tights collection in october, ask for?


  1. Hey Lara. That concert sounds like it was fantastic, and I love Michael's lecture theme. Is it written or available online at all? It reminds me of an essay I read in Harper's a long time ago. I put it on if you want to read it.

    1. i've asked him to do a condensed version of the lecture for the blog. keeping my fingers crossed. look forward to reading the harper's article. i'm passionate about failure.