Friday, October 5, 2012

a thursday in fourth quarter list

this is the very unzipped dress in item one, a find from my fashion idol julie turley

here's what happened today:

1) taught my first class, an 80 minute doozy, in a dress that was half-way unzipped.  the entire class.  no one told me.  this troubles one on several different levels.

2) re-read some totally insane wordsworth poems from the lyrical ballads.  for my 18th c. seminar.  decided to probably write my seminar paper on letitia landon, known as l.e.l.  why did i not think of the name letitia when i was naming my daughters?  it seems like it should have at least entered my mind.  did i tell you that wordsworth is quite nutty?

3) ate hand-shaved hot pastrami sandwich at caputo's deli, university of utah location.  listen, people, discovering caputo's on campus has changed my life.  all other food available on campus is utterly inedible.  i'm so happy that locavore is becoming more mainstream.

4) speaking of locavore, today i wondered if i should go to this conference in november.

5) revised a newish poem for the 25th time.  it's turning compulsive.

6) picked up some treats for various people at mrs. backers.  had the best molasses cookie of my life.

7) talked to my sister for an hour on the phone.  love sisters!!!!!!

8) did i mention that i woke up at 4.45 a.m.?  and spent some time reading richard bushman's on the road with joseph smith: an author's diary, a book that is currently blowing my mind.

9) went to writer's group.  it's a lovely little group, i think.  i hope they feel the same.

10) currently trying to decide from all the rad thursday night t.v. shows on my dvr:  the office?  30 rock?  up all night? project runway? elementary? the daily show?  colbert?  i only have 30 minutes max before i collapse, so i have to choose wisely.


  1. Oh, shoot. It was my fault then! :-) Why was the class a doozy? Was it necessary to rise at 4:45 in order to do your day? wow.

  2. last night i gave eva the prada heels you found a the rummage sale last spring. i kept trying to wear them, but they were just too painful. she looks great in them. i love both dresses you found for me there and wear them a lot, and get compliments on them every time. the woman who noticed my unzipped dress and fixed my zipper said, "it's a very pretty dress, though." and my students complimented me on it, even though they refused to mention the zipper.

    i find 80 minute classes taxing, and yesterday's was kind of rushed because i had packed in a lot of material, thinking that i would try to make the last class before fall break super productive and engaging. not sure it worked exactly as planned.