Sunday, October 28, 2012

a moment of calm

lantern night at bryn mawr.  they're singing a song to athena and  the frosh are getting their official welcome to the school.
 today i had brunch and a visit with one of my favorite people in the entire world.  i scored a huge zucchini, some tomatoes, and some green tomatoes on my way home from her house.  tomorrow i'm making a chocolate zucchini cake and fried green tomatoes for our jack o' lantern carving night.

the lanterns.
tonight julie's hunkering down in nyc getting ready for sandy, and i really, really hope the storm on the east coast turns out to be all hype.  right now, ingrid's participating in a stormy  bryn mawr lantern night, which sounds pretty magical.  one of the major regrets of my life that i didn't go to a magical women's college on the east coast.  i don't think i really even knew such a thing existed when i was in high school.

c.'s watching the end of the world series.

a full moon just rose over our beautiful, beautiful mountains.

cecily is telling moses a bedtime story.

we had dinner at bam's, which is our sunday night ritual during the six months of the year she's in the u.s.  the kids adore bam and their cousins, and usually grace us with the performance of an original play.  other traditions include a game of oh heck!, a a game of charades, and an episode of the simpson's.  it feels good to be back in our routine.  it kind of reminds me of those british novels when people go to london for "the season" in fall and winter.  with the arrival of bam, our season has begun.

love and good wishes going out to the east coast tonight.


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  1. I spent the balance of the afternoon on my couch, w/lemon-ginger tea, warm brothy soup, and the latest by Michael Chabon. Thanks for the suggestion--just might make it through this. xo