Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Weekend, Full and Overflowing

C and G hard at work.  I was blown away by their Monk tribute.
 I love when hosting out-of-town guests force me out of my tenement.  I spend lots of time with Lara's hub, C and his friend, the madly skilled drummer, G.  In fact, I spent four hours watching them play last night with a variety of guests, including East Village legend Avram Fefer--a nice surprise!

Stuff we did today:  Walk over the Williamsburg Bridge into Williamsburg and then back, the Doughnut Plant, and Economy Candy.

Now I just finished grading a chunk of overdue papers and feel less tightness.  Wish I could have felt this earlier in the weekend.  My own damn fault.
On the bridge.

Ingy came up for the occasion.

Seen in Williamsburg.

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  1. thanks for hosting c.! next time i'll be there!