Saturday, October 13, 2012

cheery cherry tights

cherry tights for cheer.
i donned last season's cherry tights, brought from paris by one of our first awesome guest bloggers, in hopes of infusing some cheer into the day.  it helped for a while,  but the melancholy has taken a firm hold.

at least i'm pretty sure i'll feel better tomorrow.

trying to think of something fun to do tomorrow with moses and cecily.  it'll be just the three of us for sunday, which is weird.  there's usually such a crowd.

misty zion canyon.
our last day of zion's was raining.  the mists were beautiful.  i'm glad i got to see it both ways--bright blue one day & misty gray juxtaposed against the fern greens and clay reds the next.

one more thing, since i'm naming things that make me happy, in the hopes of getting a bit happier tonight, is that it's nice to be home to my kitchen, a home cooked meal, and my new ikea chef's knife, $21.95, that i swear is better than my $150.00 messermeister.  can anyone explain that?

school shoes from j.c. penney.  old school.
also, cecily's school shoes.  i love them.

also, moses' knight costume.

ready for halloween.

hey.  i feel a tiny bit better. thanks for listening.

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