Saturday, October 6, 2012


christian asplund, jesse quebbeman-turley, & aaron mcmurray
christian always promises me that if i stick it out, it will be worth it.  i never want to stick it out.  but here i am, 12.03 a.m., listening to the last 11of the 70 tunes of the monkathon, and i'm getting his thing about transcending chronometric time through music.

dude's got some callouses
it's true.  it's happening right now.  in time.  i'm remembering now that last september in oklahoma at the love feast we heard two feldman pieces, each more than four hours.  i'm remembering a similar experience, where i really had no idea how much time had passed, and how at the end of the experience, i was a permanently changed person.

lula died her hair blue monk right before the salon, or rather, rennen died it for her, as you can see from the blue fingers against her white cup.
we just heard functional & friday the 13th, then bemsha swing.  it involved a kazoo.  the band is getting better with each song, and miraculously aaron the bass player's fingers aren't even bleeding.

it's been an incredible night.

listeners have been streaming in and out the whole time, with different audience configurations every fifteen or twenty minutes.

andi the bread artist and so much more made an appearance.  here we were fighting about who gets to be snow white and who gets to be the wicked queen.
julie, with your love of marathons, you're gonna dig this show next week in nyc.

(if you're in seattle or nyc next you can check it out in one of those cities.  here's a link to a little write-up on the project with details of the nyc/seattle shows.)

christian just played his favorite monk tune, crepescule with nellie.

steven ricks was awesome.
only the younger folks are left in the audience.  i'm the only old person here.

there's a great energy in the room.  loopy, loose, mellow with a backbone, and seriously,

every song is better than the last.

something is rising.

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  1. Love this--and love Lula's hair. I can't wait . . .