Saturday, March 24, 2012

DOUBLE tights give away, girls and boys

holey tights for a warm day, or layered over another pair for a chilly day
sheer blue micro-netted tights with a wild rose pattern

1)  enter by 31 march at midnight by leaving a comment.

2)  we're changing up the rules a bit for march.  this is not a random drawing--this contest is MERIT BASED.  the cleverest comment wins,  and "cleverness" will be determined by an esteemed guest judge selected from our pool of rad guest bloggers.

3)  you can enter once for each pair of tights.  we will select two winners.

i went to the sock store looking for daffodil yellow tights (in honor of julie) for spring, but alas there were no yellow tights to be found.  i did find the beautiful pair of royal blue tights on the right (sheer with a micro-netting and a wild rose pattern) and, as i was exiting the store, saw those rad holey tights on the mannequin.  on a whim, i went back in and bought them.

i thought they looked like they could give you some room to breathe.

like you wouldn't have to sit down on the sidewalk (like julie did last week) in front of the guggenheim and peel them off when the day warmed up.

or, as we are prone to freak spring snowstorms in utah, you could layer them over some other rad patterned tight if you encountered a winter spring day.

plus, as we've discussed, march seems to be a difficult month for a lot of us generally.  like hairdresser on fire--check her out.  to get through march this year, she's accessorizing her hair every day.  to get through march i'm cooking like a crazy woman.    to get through march. . .  i'll let julie tell you herself how she's getting through her particularly hellish march.

march is an exciting and dreary, sunny and gray, helluva bi-polar month.  it has holes in it.  one day, a magritte blue sky.  one day a freezing windy rain.  one day optimism, one day dread that you'll never make it to summer.

but you will.  and you'll be extra rad in a pair of GITP tights.

and we'll feel extra rad reading your comments.

so write something for our comments section, babies!  write!


  1. Your mention of "daffodil yellow" got me thinking of the color, and last night when the freshwomen on my hall were all painting their nails together I painted mine daffodil yellow before running to my next appointment.

    1. daffodil nails = rad with blue tights.

  2. March really can be a hard month. I say we all MARCH forth in cute tights and positive attitudes. Wait, you said clever not corny? Hmmm.

  3. Special Conference Cleverness Comment:

    Put on your tights and choose the right!!

    1. love that marni. i'm envisioning tights emblazoned with the CTR shield.

  4. If I won these tights, I'd wear the first pair to celebrate "holey" week, and the second to commemorate the day Christ (wild blue) "rose" from the dead.
    Puns = cleverness, right? Also, partial credit goes to Ingy, who helped in the development of said puns, and with whom I will share the tights should I be fortunate enough to win them.

  5. well done, eva. too bad you didn't have the tights in time for holi. . . .

  6. If I'm to be a tight-clad spring sprite
    I have to use words that are quite right?
    If you'll comply with my request
    and accede my comment is the best,
    I could be the lady of the hour
    in delightsome tights much-more-than-dour.