Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pastels? Plus the Ides of March

Lara, I've been in my own head so much this winter--and especially this month, but I love your list! As for me out here, I haven't noticed any particularly striking new trends. (Pastels?)  But old trends seem to be going strong:  people still love cupcakes, and foodies still love the foodie food trucks.

Everyone's drinking Stumptown Coffee imported from Portland.  Skinny jeans aren't going anywhere!  The other day I saw a woman do yoga in denim jeggings.

Tights, of course.

A music trend?  Girls in bands. And girl bands. And girls in the band. Watch this:

The Girls in the Band - Official Trailer 2 from Erin Li on Vimeo.

One more thing:  don't forget holiday trends!  We are trying to kickstart Ides of March celebrations.  Get your Caesar salad on!


  1. i forgot the ides of march! but i do have a recipe for colcannon pie for you for st. patrick's day. i'll post it soon. guess who does yoga in skinny jeans? that's right. my husband. i think it's hot.

    1. also, tell me about the good food trucks!