Friday, March 16, 2012

practically my number one fav thing in provo

is clifford family farms.  their eggs are utterly delicious.  one year they were giving away free duck eggs.  i've never had such perfect baked goods as the ones i made with my *free* duck eggs.

sometimes i get lazy/cheap and buy eggs at the store.  forgive me.

when spring comes, though, i go "oh, yeah, eggs!"  and i always want spring greens and asparagus and artichokes with poached eggs  or hollandaise or hand made mayonnaise.  and i want the egg and the vegetables to be of equal quality and freshness.

so i repent of my factory eggs and head to clifford family farms.

the color of the shells, the freshness of the yolk, the flavor of the egg take this beautiful little package to a whole 'nother level of egginess.

sexy close-up.  wish you could see the green color better.
 i'm thinking of making eggs benedict this weekend.  or shirred eggs.

what's your favorite egg dish?

how to get eggs:  walk in to ante-room any time of day or night.  select eggs, duck eggs, greens, raspberries or berkshire pork.  leave your money in the little bank next to the fridge.

(another rad thing about provo is the backyard chicken ordinance.  me, i'm good with buying eggs from the farmers.  but glad folks can have their own chickens here if they want.)

Boy and Egg

by Naomi Shihab Nye

Every few minutes, he wants
to march the trail of flattened rye grass
back to the house of muttering
hens. He too could make
a bed in hay. Yesterday the egg so fresh
it felt hot in his hand and he pressed it
to his ear while the other children
laughed and ran with a ball, leaving him,
so little yet, too forgetful in games,
ready to cry if the ball brushed him,
riveted to the secret of birds
caught up inside his fist,
not ready to give it over
to the refrigerator
or the rest of the day.

legwear:  grey leggings

inspiration: the color of eggshells: seafoam, ivory, cream & the deep goldenrod of a fresh yolk

looking forward:  to seeing my mommy and daddy on sunday!


  1. I never regret a moment of time spent reading your mood-altering entries. Thank-you!

  2. I agree with gertle! Your posts are mood altering! I love fresh eggs, too, but I don't know anyone who has chickens in Manhattan. The farmer's sell them at the green markets, but they aren't as fresh as the ones your displaying, I'll wager.

  3. Really? I think I know where this house is. Should I try it?

    1. definitely! it's at the top of grandview hill. just walk in.

  4. Girl, is that your fantastic dress and manicure?

    Sorry to be so superficial.

    Baked eggs in ramekins on spicy tomato sauce with goat cheese. My newest love.

    1. girl, yah, that's my dress & mani. glad you appreciate. can you get more specific about the spicy tomato sauce? and is the goat cheese baked in or crumbled over top. and, finally, how hard is the clean-up? much as i love ramekins, i get daunted by the thought of scrubbing baked eggs out of them.

  5. I love my chickens and the lovely eggs they give us each day! My favs are omelet with lots of mushrooms and good cheese or my mom's scrambled eggs with cream cheese. Delish!

    1. janell! i must know the method for your mom's scrambled eggs with cream cheese. i agree that eggs and mushrooms are one of the best combinations in the world.