Wednesday, March 28, 2012

frippery, foppery, finery & such

spring bunny at clifford farms

did i mention that it's spring?
yesterday, teaching spring poems to students, one rad poet said:
"what's the big deal about spring?  it's so shallow."
another rad poet followed up the first rad poet's comment with:
"yeah, you just have to keep reminding yourself not to get too optimistic because it's gonna end in death."
clearly, these teen writers are true poets, no?
they both passed my "are you a true poet test" yesterday.

today was emotionally draining.
like i do every day, i asked
"why am i doing ______?"
are my motives pure or impure?
(impure ((always))).
(what is pure, anyhow?)
& sometimes that makes me tired.


a dandy lives at clifford farms

ingrid posted this rad onion
article from,
get this,
1996.  (the 90's
were fine
& gay & i miss them.)
do yourself a favor
and read
foppish dandy disregards local constabulary
in the onion 
& while you're at it,
also read
women voters can't help fawning over sexist g.o.p.
also in the onion, also posted by ingrid
who is my curator of online life.  how totally rad
is the onion?  i would totally pay them
to let me write for them,  wouldn't you?

speaking of foppery, frippery & finery,
did you want some new tights?
cuz you currently have an excellent chance
of getting some.

did i not give you enough reading material today?
oops.  sorry about that.
here's a poem by allison adelle hedge coke, from the
poetry foundation:

Redwing Blackbird

Feet firmly perch
thinnest stalks, reeds, bulrush.
Until all at once, they attend my
female form, streaked throat, brownness.

Three fly equidistant
around me, flashing.
Each, in turn, calls territorial
trills, beckons ok-a-li, ok-a-li!

Spreads his wings, extends
inner muscle quivering red
epaulet bands uniquely bolden.

Turn away each suitor,
mind myself my audience.
Select another to consider,
He in turn quiver thrills.

Leave for insects.
Perhaps one male follows.
Maybe a few brood of young,
line summertime.

Silver Maple samaras
wing wind, spread clusters
along with mine, renewing Prairie.

As summer closes, I leave
dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies,
mosquitoes, moths, spiders, crickets for

grain, see, Sunflower;
join thousands to flock Sky—
grackles, blackbirds, cowbirds,     starlings—
Swarming like distant smoke clouds, rising.

legwear: nada, under maxi skirt

inspiration: knowing that i won't always feel this way

looking forward: to a change in energy 

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