Saturday, March 31, 2012

march mood: angsty baby chicks

today's baby chick craft project

only my outsized sense of duty is making me write a post tonight. 

i don't have too much to say after yesterday's mammoth blog post.

& i miss the inspiration of my blogging partner who's on leave for a while as she deals with the loss of her father. 

here's a list of my day:

1) rehearsed lalage with c.  six new (hard) songs.  good ones.  one song made me cry, no, sob, actually. (8.45 a.m.)
2) got pictures taken of my boobs ((no, not the those kind of pictures, the kind in the office with the pink ribbons everywhere that make you sad.)) (10.40 a.m.)
3) museum of art gift shop--birthday present shopping for my 5 siblings and one mother-in-law who all had birthdays recently--if by recently you mean starting in january.  i'm going to arizona to visit them next week, so i thought i'd do it in an efficient sweep.  the gift shop has rad free gift wrapping.  (11.08)
4) birthday lunch with bam at noon.  molly's.  a cafeteria-style restaurant with a mormon sunday dinner menu.  i had pot roast and bread pudding and they make a tasty cheese biscuit.  the kind of place at which ladies of a certain age love to lunch.  (12 noon)
5) macey's for strawberries and cadbury eggs. (1.10 p.m.)
6) home to make the above pictured felt chicks with activity day girls. (2 p.m.)
7) laid on the couch and made a list of stuff i gotta do, talked to kids, tried to help cecily find a friend who is "mature" and "doesn't like to play stupid things." (3.30 p.m.)
8) yoga. (4.30 p.m.)
9) bought pizza for kids (6 p.m.)
10) el salvador for pupusas, plantains with beans and cream, chicken/yucca tamales with mom, dad, aunt b., sister & her new hubby. (6. 45 p.m.)
11) sub-zero for ice cream (8.30 p.m.)
12) ran through sixth new song with c. (10 p.m.)
13) sat on couch thinking of stuff to blog about, feeling sadhappy.  a very march mood. yesnoyesnoyesno.

legwear:  boots & bare legs

inspiration:  duty--sheer grit

looking forward:  not much at the moment, but it'll get better, right?

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