Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mellowing Your Harsh

I'm glad Lara's doing this with me, so you'll have something good to read!

Tonight has been a perfect storm of family members with homework crises, overseen by a mom (that's me!) trying to hack my way out of a mountain of student papers.  To heighten the drama, e're having printing problems, and we really could use one more computer in the house, given the fact the other adult here has lots of computer-based paper work, and one of our two computers also functions as a TV.

Before your face hits the keyboard from reading the above paragraph, please watch the video below.  First a preface:  a year ago, on Facebook, I posted a different female musician every day in March for Women's History Month.  Everyday felt like a celebration--and people loved it.

This year my March has been so fraught, that I completely forgot--until I read today's awesome post by Lara.

 Part of the function of this blog is to keep myself from forgetting! To not let one day of misery melt into another! To keep my days from being miserable!  To have at least one good and creative thing happen during each day's waking hours.

So in kind of an exhausted tribute to what I did last year, here's a some '70s era Bonnie Raitt to mellow whatever harsh you, too, may be experiencing on a Sunday night:

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