Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Tights

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 My weeks are so logistically complex that it is a relief--in the grand tradition of working people everywhere--to get to Friday, even if I do have to work tomorrow.

I spotted the tights above on a fellow parent dropping of her kid in the school lobby this morning. I was very close to interviewing her about her tights: 1. Where did she get them? 2. Does she collect tights? 3. Are tights her preferred mode of winter dressing?

 But I didn't and am still a little regretful about that.

 I love Lara's "highs" and "lows" that structure her post today so here are mine:


1. Writing before work in McNally Jackson where I spotted a pair of tights that I'll share tomorrow. 

2. Attending my nice, smart writing group in a group member's fabulous Brooklyn pad, and getting great suggestions for my story.

3.  Finishing a blog post at the 11th hour!


 1. Thinking about all I have yet to get through this month. Wish my anxiety could disappear because it is not helping.

 2. The fact that I still can't post the photos I take on my phone to Facebook.

 3.  The fact that I can be so shy when I don't want to be!

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