Friday, March 16, 2012

One of My Favorite Painters is a Woman

An event I would have liked to have attend tonight if I was a halfway decent drawer: The artist Nicole Eisenman leading a figure drawing workshop at the Whitney. One of my favorite contemporary American artists, Nicole E. also happens to be a fellow school parent, and I stare at her starstruck every time she strides (because she totally has swagger) into the lobby to drop off or retrieve her kid. It's like Stephen Adler (another fellow gen-exer) walking into the room . . . but better.

 Nicole's work is also included in this year's Whitney Biennial which I have yet to see. Two paintings are below. Here's more on her her gallery's site.
She's the whole package: technically exceptional with dismantling ideas. Plus, it makes me weep with joy to see a woman artist kick some ass in a historically male-dominated genre and field.  AND two of our prints our up for auction at an upcoming school fundraiser.

 See, I told you I'm mini-blogging for another week!

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  1. i don't know her. her stuff looks ultra-good. wow, you have a star-studded school there! are the composer's kids still there?