Saturday, March 3, 2012

february winner & happy anniversary GITP & best news i've had in a while

first item of business:  random winner from the exoskeleton lottery ball!  my darling baby, who's birthday is tomorrow, pulled this name from the spinning lottery cage:


congrats, girl.  we know you will make these beautiful dove-grey lace tights even more rad (pictures of you rocking them are always welcome).  message me your address, etc. and they'll be arriving soon.

thanks for reading, y'all.  it feels good to know you're out there, and julie and i adore writing for you.

millions and x's and o's, babies.

second item of business:  my oldest daughter is graduating from college in may and guess who the commencement speaker is?  (because i haven't bragged about this enough.)

mmmm hmm.  that's right.  the freaking president of the u.s.a.  

president barak obama.

eva wants me to be sure to mention that columbia has asked him, and has been turned down, five years in a row.  apparently that's what she's happiest about (maybe eva can get us the link to the article about this?).  that he decided to speak at barnard, a women's college (i believe his sister graduated from barnard).

which seems a pointed antidote to the slut-shaming, anti-woman, d-bag of the week, rush limbaugh, n'est-ce pas?

so.  yeah. that's where i'll be on may 14th. 

so excited it's ridiculous.

what a GREAT day.  (i'll blog in more detail later, in case anyone cares.

legwear:  charcoal footless tights (new, on clearance)

inspiration:  the most radical barak obama

looking forward:  dinner out with friends


  1. Well, I'm most happy about getting to shake the president's hand! And hear a commencement speech that I think I can pretty solidly predict will have me in tears. Although maybe that would happen anyway.

    But given the Barnard hate circulating re: this news, I gotta say it doesn't feel BAD to hear that news.

  2. Wow—I got excited just for Obama's motorcade driving past my son's school on E. 12th Street after dark...and we didn't even see him! This is so fabulous about the graduation (anytime), but yes—especially right now! So glad for all you Barnard graduates and families!