Saturday, March 10, 2012

Copying Lara (As Usual)

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Tights seen at McNally Jackson on Friday

What I did this Satuday:

Biked to work


Biked home

Texted kid at sleepover (Did you make it out to Brooklyn?)

Rest of family still in pajamas

Made them dress for dinner.  Walked to Taqueria.  Taqueria was playing the first Rocky on their monitors--soundless.  I could not tear myself away, especially when Rocky and Adrian make out a little in Rocky's crummy apartment.

Found my copy of Diane Williams' This is About the Body, the Mind, the Soul, the World, Time, and Fate
(excited about this because I'm going to see DW--one of my grad school heroes in my 20s--on Monday)

Cleaned out the top shelf of a book shelf--sorted through zines and Playbills.  Found the Quarterly Wests Lara gave me four years ago from AWP.

Threw away a ton of papers while listening to Emmy Lou Harris on Prairie Home Companion.  Yes, I'm middle aged.

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  1. i LOVE rock 1 and adrian with all my heart. i meant to clean out bookshelves and throw away papers and zines today, but never did. xo