Friday, March 2, 2012

girl power: ode to vida

the shameful numbers at the ny review of books

this blog, vida: women in literary arts, and this group of women writers is one of the most important things to happen for women writers. . . ever, i'd wager (i'd love to hear your thoughts on other important institutions and events that have promoted women writers and artists).

here's a classic example of girls kicking ass and getting out of tight places.

what they did, for those of you who haven't been following them, is start a thing called "the count" where they count how many women are being published, have bylines, are reviewing and are being reviewed in prestigious presses, journals, papers, and houses.

you might be surprised at how huge the inequity is.  or you might not. 

vida hasn't yet figured out the why, but they've got hard facts as to the what:  women are not getting published, awarded, or reviewed at anywhere near parity to men.


the count was started in 2010, and the 2011 results were just released.

so, cheers, vida, and thank you.

and thank you all you ladies who persist in the discouraging face of sometimes invisible, sometimes explicit, discrimination and keep doing it anyway.

legwear:  what's with the yoga pants?

inspiration:  shirking off discouragement

looking forward:  to tomorrow--got plans for saturday! no lurking about the house getting bummed out for this girl.

oh, and ladies:  you will be so much less prone to discouragement in a pair of beautiful new tights.  six more hours on the west coast to enter the GITP tights giveway.  just do it!

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