Sunday, March 18, 2012

spring break with eva & anna, day out with my girls

lula ordered the yogurt parfait with grapefruit and housemade granola + home fries

eva, home for her last spring break ever, until grad school

anna went with baked eggs and housemade chorizo

cecily went with biscuits and gravy.  communal biscuits are insane.
i probably don't need to say it again, but i love communal.  simple, clean food, well prepared, and a lovely spot to eat.  i'm grateful to have a restaurant like this in provo, grateful that people with integrity are working to improve our food culture.  

i found out last week that they butcher something like 1900 pounds of heritage pork a month.  that's a lot of hours of labor.  this really is handmade food.

i adore these biscuits, and sometimes make them at home.  though i'd rather eat them at the restaurant. ((i make the rolled and cut version--so cute!  and i have teeny-tiny, medium sized, and huge biscuit cutters for added cuteness.)

lara and eva ate potato spinach latkes, clifford farms eggs over easy, and housemade bacon
 lula thought these potato pancakes were the best she'd ever eaten.  i'm in love with over easy eggs.  then we spotted julie clifford, the farmer who provides eggs for communal, eating at the bar in grimy gardening clothes.  she rocks.  the chefs at communal smoke their own bacon.  it's fantastic.

eva, taylor and anna at the phenomenal utah museum of natural history

 three of the smartest, most interesting girls you'll ever meet.  i love getting to associate with them on occasion.  they'll be graduating this spring, so look out world.

(and this museum is very special.)

anna, cecily, and lula.  lula enforced the st. patrick's day wardrobe

eva, grandma beth and lara at chuck-a-rama.  giving anna a classic utah dining experience.
anna could have been in cancun for her spring break, but she good-naturedly spent it with our crazy family getting 44 oz. diet cokes, hanging at utah hot-spots like gilgal gardens and chuck-a-rama, while we try to convince her to move to the west after graduation. 

legwear:  diagonally striped fishnets

inspiration: chefs, farmers, and college girls

looking forward: sunday dinner and family music night


  1. i've always wanted to go to communal! looks delicious!

  2. Communal sounds great, but Chuck-O-Rama cannot be forgotten. As far as I know it is the only restaurant left that ends in Rama that isn't Thai or Indian. Plus that was the first (only) time I saw two elderly people fight over a green jello.

    1. chuck-a-rama is a family favorite. i always get the prime rib with horseradish cream & the lemon chiffon jello is to die for. chioma! i'll take you to communal some time. let me know when you have a study break. in the meantime, burgers at the creamery today with eva and anna?

  3. See the bags under my eyes in all those pics? Reason #1 why I'll not be going to grad school. No more spring breaks for me!