Sunday, December 16, 2012

what i wore

is it cheating to wear a dress AND pants?
this isn't my favorite outfit ever, and i really prefer dresses, but this is what i could come up with for wear pants to church day.  (my choice of pants was from amongst my tiny trouser collection consisting of yoga pants, orange skinny jeans, or pleather jeggings.)  the pants to church thing is probably baffling to a lot of women who aren't mormon.  right?  and baffling to us all is the fact that death threats have been made against some participants, an occurrence that spurred me to wear an item of clothing called "pants" today that i normally eschew for reasons of taste.

today i wore:

h&m pleather jeggings
h&m leopard dress
banana republic floral cardigan
vintage crystal necklace from grandma eva
vintage bangles from aunt bonnie
rhinestone earrings borrowed from lula
kork-ease red mary jane wedges (i have a slight fetish around red mary janes)
mac russian red lipstick

what did everyone else wear today?  i want details.


p.s.  lula rocked a shalwar kameez at church today.

p.p.s. as far as i could tell, i was the only woman in the congregation today in pants.  lula was the only fourteen-year old girl in pants.

p.p.p.s. i had three main reasons for participating in this event today 1) to express my desire for progress in areas of gender equality in mormon congregations 2) to stand in solidarity against people who want to silence open, respectful dialogue amongst church members through threats, intimidation, condescension, mansplaining, belittlement or condemnation and 3) to express my love and concern for a dear friend in my congregation who is deeply wounded by the prohibition and exclusion of public discussion around the feminine divine in worship services.  i want her to know this.

p.p.p.p.s.  i found out i was not the only woman in pants in my congregation today.  i just didn't see my sister "suffragette" in sacrament meeting.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks, becca. just checked out your rad blog, and will be checking in regularly!

  2. I am so pleased to hear a dispatch from The Wardz, as it were. Did not go to church today, don't usually, but nonetheless am with my sisters, and really appreciate your reasons. all good ones, not that you need my endorsement whatsoever!

    1. thanks, lisa. i'm pleased and honored to have your endorsement!

  3. I'm surprised your hipster ward didn't have more suffragettes in slacks today! Your outfit was way cooler than mine, but similar idea: shortish sweater dress over legging pants. But I wear that to work every day anyway.

    1. i bet you looked fantastic, as usual. well, i was pretty sure it would be me and one other woman, and it was. and lula! lula was awesome!

  4. Black skinny dress pants, sparkly shirt and bright green cardigan w/long tapestry jacket. I conducted Relief Society meeting (and was the pianist), led music in Sacrament meeting, and did a special musical number w/Greg and Amelia (Angels We Have Heard on High, a capella w/horn drone and embellishments on the chorus). I wept uncontrollably and very publicly on the final verse of the closing hymn, Away in a Manger: "bless all the dear children in Thy tender care."

    1. sounds like a beautiful day, marni! my favorite part of church was that moses suddenly found his inner diva during the opening hymn, "angels we have heard on high" and super-duper belted the glorias.

  5. i'm so upset i didn't think to wear my pleather skinny jeans under a dress. it would have looked super rad.

  6. report from mesa. didn't see any "unauthorized" pants. however, i wasn't on the lookout.

  7. I don't have any pants whatsoever but I did wear a black and white checkered bow tie, emerald green button-up shirt, and pencil skirt. There was one lady in our congregation looking really fine in cropped trousers and serious heels. I told her I loved her outfit.