Sunday, December 30, 2012

Penultimate: Journey to the End . . .

New Mus window artist with phone gazer in leather.  Please note the book on the table.
I did everything I wanted to do today (given the fact that I woke up quite sick)--including visiting the New Museum for the last day of the Bowery art and artists show.  The show included adorable little pen and marker drawings by members of the Ramones (Dee and Joey, respecitively) that I badly wanted to photograph.

So tomorrow is the last post of our GITP year.   I can't tell you what a privilege it has been to blog with Lara all year.  As I've said before, I merely ride on her coat tails.  

Btw:  this is our 666th post.  

Tights:  black with polka dots
Inspiration:  Ramones-inspired biker jackets, Bowery street art
Looking forward to:  blogging with Lara tomorrow for the last time in 2012

The view from the street
Keith Haring's old red door.  Don't touch.
Someday you might be famous enough the museum goers will only be allowed to look--not touch--your door.
A touchable door near the Yippie Museum
Christmas is now today's trash.  Sad


  1. oh, man. now i'm getting all misty.

  2. 666 and not an evil bone in your body.

    Coattails or no coattails, I think it's been an amazing ride, and every time I'm here reading I start feeling wistful and think, "Maybe I should advertise for a blogging partner." The two of you have accomplished something wonderful. Really, you inspire me.