Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Working It: Monday through Tuesday

I loved this Monday morning commuter, headed off to work? The fact that she wore two layered bags--
one gold, one orange, AND glitter hot pants--delighted me endlessly.  Plus, she had fluffy robin's egg blue gloves.
The best thing that happened today is that I put some cool stuff in a story and took some kind of lame stuff out, considered sending the story to Prairie Schooner, but then thought I'd look at it again.

Plus, at this mornings yoga the teacher played a lot of Animal Collective.  Not that I'm a huge fan, but she was excited about going to the AC show tonight, and I liked that energy.

Later, I found a pleather dress (which I will wear as a jumper due to my advanced age) on sale at HM.  I'm wearing it now, trying to make it work.
Me, later, trying to inject some fun into Monday

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  1. love the yellow tights, the sparkly hot pants, and the double purse. wanna get more fun in my wednesday tomorrow, inspired by jt!