Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Spent a good part of today assessing our (almost) year's worth of blogging.

As I sat there, I felt very negative about it.

I feel like I devoted a lot of hours for little pay-off.

What kind of pay-off I was expecting, I have no idea.

I wanted to move away from tightness.  In some ways, I have I suppose.  In others, no change.

I will really get my assessment together soon.

This photo was taken outside of my long-time favorite toy store.  The owner, Paula, decorated this bush with biodegradable balloons.  Dinosaur Hill's been open since 1983.  It's weathered recessions and online shopping.  It has the friendliest staff you will ever meet.  Often, you could pet one of Paula's dogs.

I just read Rumer Godden's The Story of Holly and Ivy.   This post is a tribute to shopkeepers and their shops.  (Demi Moore's daughter's named after her--I bet you were wondering.)

Is that what I've been doing on my blog all year?  Keeping shop?  Staying open in case anyone drops by?

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