Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brushes with (Holiday) Glamour

Kid #1 at the Plaza in front of The Great Gatsby-inspired tree.
 We spent the afternoon in midtown being tourists.

We went to Le Parker Meriden hotel where there was a gingerbread extravaganza.  Click here to see what we saw.

From there we headed to Bergdorf's museum quality windows.  For more, click here:
From there we went to the Plaza Hotel and looked longingly at gentry having tea in the Palm Courty.  A real live pianist played holiday tunes Liberace style.  

Where do you go after that but Tiffany's?  Kid #2 really wanted to go.  I don't think I'd ever gone in an leaned over the cases, but that's what we did and picked out our favorite jewels.  And then Kid #2 got too sad that this wasn't her real life.  So we left.

We arduously made our way down 5th Avenue.  Of course, it was getting very crowded.  Of course, we were silly to visit the weekend before Christmas, but we pressed on and got close to the Rock Center tree.
A lot of bickering in front of the iconic Rock Center tree.  Liz Lemon was mentioned.
I could have gone further.  I could have gone to Saks, then Lord and Taylor then over to Macy's but the kids wanted to go home.

We did have one more brush with glamor before repairing to our tight little tenement.  We stopped at the new shop Beurre & Sel, and examined the cookies Tiffany's style.

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