Wednesday, December 5, 2012

final poetry workshop

quail egg ornament from the poetry reading last week.

tonight was my last poetry workshop of the semester.

come to think of it

unless something horrible happens,

probably my last poetry workshop ever.

eva's been cutting snowflakes against armageddon.  i wouldn't come if  i were armageddon.


you are so shy

& sensitive.

it's why i love us!

she's always been good with the scissors.  i might steal these before i go back to provo.

a nice relaxed evening getting to know

the poets a little more,

and now a sleep over

at eva and anna's

so i can finish my research

at the marriott libraray tomorrow.

gotta get:

books on 19th c. museum culture & ekphrasis

benjamin's illuminations,

and judith butler's bodies that move

and at least a dozen other items

too numerous to list.


i'm happy & relaxed

with only one more big project

of the semester.

eva and anna's apartment is looking festive.  anna got a menorah & is practicing her prayers for saturday's  chanukah dinner.  whatever will i wear?

won't think

about what comes next.

i've learned

not to think.

good night, all.

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