Saturday, December 15, 2012


Santacon tights
I just uploaded several images from my day into this post in no particular order.  But although I engaged in a myriad of holiday activities, one to which I forced a kid, another to which I was unable to force no one but myself, I almost burst into tears several times.  I'm so upset by what happened in CT--it has colored my day and why shouldn't it?--especially reading about the ages of most of the victims.  As a parent of children who were those ages not that long ago--my heart is wrenched.

As someone who grew up the daughter of a struggling school teacher and who loves teachers and school workers and believes that they are generally underpaid and under-appreciated, my heart is wrenched.

As someone who worries that Americans still won't take issues of mental health and gun control seriously even in the aftermath of this, my heart is wrenched.

Here you will find images from Unsilent Night--an annual event where individual boomboxes and MP3 players broadcast a different element of Phil Kline's composition.  Everyone presses play at once and we parade across town.  Lara, SLC's installment is happening on the 23rd.  Check the Fb page.  

Before that I went to the marathon reading of A Christmas Carol, and all around us, throughout the day, were hordes of bar-hopping Santacon revelers, dressed as yes, St. Nick, but also as Xmas trees, candy canes, elves, dreidels and most awesomely, a latke complete with applesauce and sour cream.  

Let us grateful for revelry, food and drink and happiness and Dickens and the opportunity to grow older to enjoy these things year after year.   

My only photo of the event doesn't begin to represent Santacon's critical mass.

Reading aloud aloft--Xmas Carol at Housing Works

Assembling for Unsilent Night

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