Friday, December 14, 2012

silence & death

to me, speech is political if the intent of the messenger is to gain power, if the speaker is concerned more with monetary or political power than with public good.

what if the intent  of the messenger is just to stop the complete madness of a people who can't tell up from down any more?  who can't weigh evidence and reason against rhetorical manipulation and fairy tale-esque scare tactics?

i'm sick of bullies telling me to shut up, telling me when, where & how i can say my piece.

(that's happened a lot this week!)

if you call my rant political, you are the one making it political, not me.

me, i'm trying to say that what happened today was preventable.

obviously there's usually not a single cause or a single solution to any problem, but there are some solutions that will make things vastly, vastly better.

simple, clear, operable solutions.

i guess this is what happens when we become more ideological than pragmatic, or when we care more about seeming that we're right than actually being in the right.

sorry if this is a little disjointed.

i'm pretty upset right now, as i know everyone is.

i'm sick of going to my job at a public university where it's legal to carry and being a little scared, every single time i walk into the classroom, of accidentally upsetting the wrong student.

i've been trying to get this stuff changed for twenty years, and i'm sick and tired of us not doing the right thing.

we need to and can change this.


not "later, when it's more appropriate"  (remember what mlk, jr. said about that?)



  1. He also told us to stop being silent--so thank you for speaking Lara. My heart is broken.

  2. Yes... 'now' love you Lara. Trish