Saturday, December 22, 2012

Solstice Socks of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra

Stripes from the Rude Mechanical Orchestra
Lara, I was so crabby about not having a solid Solstice plan yesterday that I was delighted that I saw one taking shape at a local community garden.

Not so good at planning, but I'm very good at showing up.

There were tiki torches lit and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra tuning up to perform.  The RMO featured this striped socked trombone player and Roger Manning on clarinet.  (I met Roger Manning in '89 when he was performing--traveling troubadour style--at the University of Utah in SLC!--I told him so at the garden.)

There was a wishing tree and a sharing circle.  The earth was blessed, as well as the air, fire, and water.  It was very, very Solstice-y.
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Plus, there were free donated sandwiches and hot cider from Tiny's Giant Sandwich shop and donated homemade cookies from Soy.

I felt blessed.

Today was not so pleasant.  I took my bike out early and discovered all the camera stores are owned by Orthodox Jews and were, hence, closed on this brisk Saturday.

I wandered around the Farmer's Market.  Bought sweet potatos, bok choy, leeks.  I'm going to make this soup.

I saw the most surreally shaped and spare organic Christmas trees.  Next Christmas, I'm going to demand that our tree comes from there.  We got our tree a few days ago from a corner dude, and already it is dry.

I discovered a stand that sold white pine trees with long soft needles.

Have you ever been to ABC Carpet and Home?  I went in to get warm.

One of those unassuming little Santas will set you back $80.

Despite the stress of it all, I'm going to miss our garish holiday.

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