Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Tights

 The top two photos were taken on my way to the Librarian's Ball.  Royal blue tights!  You don't see that hue very often.  And you don't see a hat covered completely with fake flowers very often either (unless, of course, it's Easter).

I realized along the way that I'd gone to library school with this gal and she's a rad children's librarian.

The third photo was forwarded to us in heartwarming fashion by our friend, Dave, who approached a Polish woman in London and showed her our blog.  I love her stance and the sweatery goodness of her tights.

Speaking of which, Lara, I feel a tights' giveaway coming on.

In honor of the above tights, the festive holiday song of the day is the Rolling Stones' "Winter:"


  1. Oh, how did I ever forget that song?! Thanks for the memory - and happy winter to all!