Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let's Keep It Going for My Inner Child

It's still the Xmas season, yes?

 I keep trying to convince my melancholy kid of that:    It's not over! It's not over!

(But I relate:  I remember feeling quite melancholy on Christmas night as a kid--disconsolately watching tv in my visiting grandparents' motel room on the main drag in Yuma.)

So  you can still listen to holiday songs like "Christmas Unicorn!"


  1. it's not over until january 2, for sure! my tree and decorations start 1 dec. and come down on 2 jan.

  2. Wait -- Christmas isn't over until Jan 7! We have that orthodox thing going... the fun thing about having a multi-religious familia is two shots at Christmas, and (usually) two Easters. But our tree doesn't go up until a week before the first Christmas, as it gets too dry if we start any earlier!