Saturday, December 29, 2012

Glory Basking, Old School

Kid #2 had been longing to bask in the glory that is the Palm Court of The Plaza Hotel.  We went for breakfast, when the menu was a little less tight.  

The Plaza is still highly decked out for Christmas--the Gatsby-inspired lobby tree still revolves.

There are places in New York where the waitstaff are old-school:  gracious middle aged men in suits with French accents.   This Palm Court is one of those places

We were on our best behavior--very un-Eloise-like and not as charming.  I only spilled a little.

The Plaza has a long and storied history.  The Stones have stayed there and the Beatles.   The Great Gatsby was made there.  Truman Capote had his '60s-era legendary black-and-white ball there.  (Look at Frank and Mia below.)

Lara, let's have tea in the Algonquin lobby when you come here next.  I can't, I can't believe it's been nearly a year since we had the idea for this blog.  More on this soon.

Speaking of Lara, ave you read Lara's fabulous vision board post below this one?
Frank and Mia, in cognito

Look at us being fancy.
The Plaza called for hot pink.

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  1. julie, this looks like a dream. i'm glad some old-school new york institutions still exist, and i will make sure we get to the algonquin tea room in 2013. xxoo