Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the beginning is the end

off to bookclub in purple tights, metallic skirt.
i keep thinking back to the beginning of GITP, since we're coming up on the end of our daily blogging project, and wondering if we did what we set out to do.  and trying to remember what it was, exactly, that we were trying to do.

i recall something about "getting out of a tight place," and also a thing about examining the whole concept of tight places.  for me, hard-core blogging ended up being a daily confrontation with things that felt hard to me, and then a daily test:  is this really something that should be getting me down, or are my priorities out of whack?

it was shocking how many times the answer was:  your priorities are out of whack.

so thank you blog, for helping me realize that, for instance, eight loads of laundry that need folding is not something to get down about.  that money troubles are going to come and go, that big projects and deadlines are a real blessing because i'm doing work that is interesting, of my choosing, and that i believe has inherent value aesthetically, personally, and to other people.

so today when i got a little freaked out by "so much to do," thinking about you, dear blog, made me realize that if i complained about my to-do list it would sound really whiny and self-indulgent.  you made me completely turn my perspective on the day around, or as my people say:  you turned my frown upside down.

this is probably the best thing to come out of 2012 and GITP.

the more i consider it, the more majorly awesome this seems.

legwear:  purple tights

inspiration:  you!

looking forward to:  book club, the mindy project, and a productive work day tomorrow

p.s.--does anyone remember their new year's resolutions?  tomorrow i want to figure out if i did any of mine.  tomorrow.  tonight i'm gonna relax.

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  1. What shoes are these???

    And no matter what else, your blog has made my life much more wonderful this year--yea, perhaps it is even helped me to survive this year. xo