Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year, clad in black tights

i want this year to be sleek and cool, long and leggy, elegant & holding a cigarette in a long holder.

i want this year to be as good as gabrielle hamilton's grilled cheese sandwiches, with a new book under her belt.

i want my new year to be supported by my great friend julie, clad in her great tights.

i want some great new tights, and to support my great friend julie in 2012.

i want this year to be

(something closer to enlightenment

& ) doing a handstand.

tonight we feasted, out west, here on locust circle, and tomorrow, in the mormon tradition, we will fast, which sounds so cleansing and good right about now.

tonight we ate squash soup & grilled cheese sandwiches, fennel salad & ambrosia, nachos & ritz crackers + cheez whiz + oysters. i hope next year is similarly eclectic & delicious.

julie reminded me tonight that next year needs a lot of things to look forward to. she and i will create some things to look forward to together.

i want what came to feel like life lived in a tight place to feel more open, to make more breath space, to feel good and expansive.

i want this for you, too.

please read with us

& write with us


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