Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Cafes, Toltec Wisdom

I found a new place to work in today--a place that fulfills all my requirements for a place: no table service, no wifi, yes bathrooms, yes accessible outlets. Plus, this place is beautiful and the counter gals are super nice. PLUS, check out their stunning tea service, complete with loose tea from Israel, although the counter gal told me the place was Eastern-Euro themed, including the in-house baked goods.

Two different cafes in one day meant I spent a lot of time with this week's story. The downside is that what I thought was so good yesterday, today I'm not so sure about. In fact, right now I'm wondering if my story just sucks. Here's what Toltec-lover Don Miguel Ruiz of The Four Agreements says: " Even the opinions you have about yourself are not necessarily true; therefore, you don't need to take whatever you hear in your own mind personally."

Is that possible?

By the way, I've really got to step up my game here: Lara just referenced both Larry Rivers and Frank O'Hara above.

In between the two cafes, I stopped into St. Mark's Books to look at Patti Smith's new book (the one copy they had left), but ended up instead at the remainder table. Photo of my purchases are below (including a print edition of Spin magazine, like I think it's 1987 or something).

Today's tights were also yesterday's tights, but since the temperature was above freezing, you can see them. And a girl much younger than me walked into my new place wearing them, too.

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  1. i love your tights, your post, and your new cafe. and i agree with the ruiz statement. i spent a lot of time this week convincing my creative writing students to submit their work to a few contests and journals. most of them said they didn't have anything good, and they were wrong. most artists are wrong about themselves, no?

    i can't wait to read your new story. have you found any venues you want to submit to?