Wednesday, January 4, 2012


i don't know if i can write something good every day.

i actually don't know if i can write something good any day. some days i write something that feels good, and seems good, and then i send it out into the world only to have it kicked back again. once in awhile, someone else embraces it.

but a friend told me today that neither of those things is the point of sitting in your studio and working.

i haven't had any studio days lately, and sometimes when a long time passes without approbation, payment, or feedback, i lose my motivation to work. even though i've had a million small epiphanies that none of those things is the point.

also, the more days that pass without a day in the studio, the weaker my faith.

so i guess today is about maintaining faith in continuing to do work against whatever forces, good or bad, prevail.

it's a kind of prayer i pray.

and yesterday ingrid said, "with 365 posts, some of them are bound not to be bad." that's my girl.

(in lieu of wearing tights, i'm googling julie's uniqlo tights so i can be jealous of them instead. i saw on facebook today that a woman i know with great style wore prussian blue tights today. wish i'd been there. it's probably not kosher to steal this pic from this website, but at least i'm attributing it. i think i need red tights next.)

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  1. I like that you articulated that prayer. Now I can use it, too. I'll need it.