Monday, January 2, 2012

Heat Seeking

On the last day inside the holiday bubble, S got out--for the first time--the Fairy Cards I picked up at Golden Braid Books in Salt Lake City on New Year's Day 2011. I had never interacted with them and still not sure what I think of tarot (Fairy Cards are along the same lines), etc, but I asked the following question of them. "What can I do this year to be more productive?" Stella pulled, at random/sight unseen, the three cards pictured here: 1. Ask for What You Want: "Let the universe and other people know what you need." 2. Practice, Practice, Practice: "Polish your skills and talent and increase your confidence." And this one was weird: 3. Pregnancy and Birth: "Big change." I'm choosing to read that one as a metaphor.

All of these things are great and I have to keep them in my head. Won't you help?

It's January 2nd--my spouse's birthday. Kids go back to school tomorrow. I go back to work, my paid work and my work work, which I'm too shy to talk about here yet.

Not too shy to write about tights: Because it's cold today, I wore thick gray ribbed tights from Uniqlo. Newish, bought just before Xmas, they are supposed to be imbued with heat seeking "Japanese technology." I'm not even kidding; they are really that warm. I'm going to try and generate this kind of heat all year.

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  1. i love your tights and your fairy cards! i'm often too cheap to buy thick tights, and since i drive everywhere, don't really need the super warm ones. yours sound fantastic. post pics.

    there's a woman who does animal tarot readings on t/th at the local coffee shop. i keep meaning to go in for a reading. the answers you got from your cards sounded legit.

    happy bday, avram!