Friday, January 27, 2012

Clara Bow Dresses for Dinner

Weekend "To Do" List:

1. Visit this exhibit at the Jack Hanley Gallery. I've had a love-affair with the '60s since I was in my 20s and the Diggers in particular, and the Diggers in particular, which you can read about in Emmett Grogan's novel. (Emmett Grogan, you'll read, was found dead on my favorite train line in 1978.)

 2. Related to this exhibit, have a cup of tea in the Yippie Museum. "Yippies"--another old-fashioned countercultural group I'm endlessly obsessed with.

 3. See a fellow elementary school parent perform in a local cafe tomorrow night. He's donating his tips to the school, after all!

 4. Watch It, a silent film from 1927, staring Clara Bow. (She is where we get the term "It Girl" from. I love how something in this excerpted scene parallels the tights' resourcefulness of another "It Girl," Lara:

Legwear: pleather pants, which I pull out on warmish, rainy days.  Leaving the cafe I passed a woman on the sidewalk 20 years older than me, wearing a long pleather skirt, confirming that one is never too old for pleather.

 Music in the cafe: one Roky Erikson song after another.

1 comment:

  1. clara bow. oh my. she's BRILLIANT.
    pleather pants: would those be the ones you wore at the ny eve exoskeleton salon a little more than a year ago with the fringy flappery dress, looking super awesome?