Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Want You on Vayable

In a year of thinking differently (thx, SJ!) and thinking better, my friend submitted a service to new site that connects travelers, tourists, and/or residents to really cool services that the locals are offering.

So far, the site is lousy with creative types in all the usual places: New York, San Franciso, Seattle--but NOTHING in Utah, so get on it, Utah peeps. My lovely and talented friend, Kim's service is outlined below in this very pleasing video:

 Looking forward to going to see a fellow elementary-school parent, Marcel Van Dam, perform at the Sidewalk Cafe tonight. It's not directly up my alley, but I'm excited about it, as I haven't seen any live music since the night of New Year's Day--PLUS, the dude's donating all of his tips to our school's PTA. Here is Marcel's mini-jam:

 It's a beautiful day here on the lower east side, but I haven't ventured out yet, so no tights-related decisions have been made. Sometimes Saturday's lack of structure is hard for me. What are you doing?

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  1. i have a hugely hard time with saturday. i did go to yoga, then the provo bakery to get donuts for kids. i'm still in yoga pants trying to decide what to do next. i'm gonna check out this vayable thing.