Friday, January 20, 2012

What is There is What You See Below

I went outside and saw some things.  I tried to go to tiny Pok Pok Wing--which is receiving rave reviews.  As inauspicious as it looks, the chef--from Portland--won a James Beard award.

I went to the new East Village Bagels and wasn't too impressed with their bagels, which I found undynamic which means not chewy enough (but perhaps it was the decidedly "yuppie" clientele? Does anyone even use that word anymore?), although they do serve the now ubiquitous Stumptown Coffee.  And the storied Jim Power did the mosaic sign!

I saw some nice graffiti.  There used to be a Swoon piece there, but now what is there is what you see above.

On the way home from picking up a kid, I saw this poster for "the Horatio Alger Festival," and annoyed my kid in order to backtrack and photograph it. 

Thinking of leaving blogger.  What's your favorite blog hosting site?

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  1. i love your photos of graffiti, and tiny pok pok is now on my short list for may's visit!