Tuesday, January 31, 2012

green tights/red tights/cosmic tights winner!

Green tights.

lara says:

if i weren't so gosh-darned tired right now,  i'd get up and put my red tights back on.  they're flung, exhausted, on my bed, where i left them when i got home from work today.

is it a cosmic coincidence that julie wore green and i wore red on the day of our one month blogiversary?

or is it that a wonderfully stylish friend who just returned from paris hand-delivered the russian red tights to me last night (along with a chocolate bar avec noisettes) and i couldn't wait to wear them?

at any rate, i'm jealous of julie's boots with her green tights, aren't you?

blogging with julie this month was a spark of light & heat in the cold & dreary january.

i loved it.

& thank you who've read for indulging me in my self-indulgence.

&  we hope you'll come back for more in february to read:

FABULOUS (we have some real treats lined up for you) guest bloggers &


to win your first spring pair of tights!

congratulations to "girls in tight places" reader/commenter Tina T. on your win!  email your address to me at: evepink2002@yahoo.com and you will be receiving your tights shortly.

Julie says:

Tights-clad pedestrian on Houston Street
Congratulations, Tina!  And thanks to all of you who have been reading us for a month.  I'm greatly heartened and humbled by that.

Look for more tights giveaways as the winter--albeit mild here--continues to progress. And look for some awesome guest bloggers who kick our tights-clad butts. And look at this photo of a tights clad pedestrian I saw this afternoon.  I was so stunned by her tights that I almost fell off my bike.  This and you are what I live for.

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