Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sleep is Free

Oddly--and kind of thrillingly--I had a similar day to Lara's, which you can read about below.   It other words, it was a middle kind of day, too, the kind of day I was not imagining for myself when I was on in the throes of New Year's Eve high ten days ago, but days like this are inevitable, unavoidable.  Aren't they?

Three things that I did:

1.  I worked.
2.  I ran errands.
3.  I made some necessary phone calls.
4.  I listened to the NH primaries on headphones while quasi dozing in my kid's school lobby like an old man.
5.  I wore the same tights I've been wearing off and on since mid December.

Four things that kept this day from being completely middling:

1.  I read James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room on the subway.
2.  I went to Mast and read Jean Genet.
3.  I did some yoga after being freaked out by yoga.
4.  I thought about the things in my life that are free.


  1. I'm inspired to think about the things in my life that are free now. xo

  2. something about the freaky yoga article in the nyt: i've decided the net gain is worth the risk, for me anyway. but it's a really good reminder to not do things for the sake of keeping up with the class or whatever. i do have one permanent injury from yoga that i got when i first started practicing about three years ago, probably because i felt i had to push myself to keep up. it pains me almost every day. still, overall, i feel about a million times better than i did three years ago, both mentally and physically.

  3. also, things that are free: 1) the provo city library, 2) snuggles with moses, 3) sitting at the table with my family, 4) looking at Y mountain from my dining room, 5) SLEEP 6) writing poetry, 7) hanging with friends, 8) singing, 9) smiling, 10) foot rubs.